JSC “Lesohimik” carries out the following activities:  

  • rosin-and-turpentine production;
  • production of rosin esters;
  • manufacture of sizes;
  • production of petroleum solvents and thinners of paints and varnishes;
  • manufacture of other basic organic chemical substances;
  • production of wood impregnating compounds.

 The main types of output products are: 

  • pine gum rosin;
  • gum turpentine oil;
  • disproportionated rosin;
  • non-crystallizable modified cable rosin;
  • modified tall rosin;
  • rosin esters
  • rosin sizes;
  • synthetic water-soluble polymers "VRP-3";
  • turpentine solvents;
  • solvent agents Solvent, nefras;
  • stove fuel;
  • drying oils “Oksol”; natural;
  • bituminous varnish;
  • impregnating wood protecting antiseptics;
  • automotive coolant liquid Tasol A-40;
  • rust converting solvent;
  • distilled water;
  • window washing liquid (-20, -30, of brand “Summer”);
  • wood protecting coatings for external and internal works. 

Most of the products mentioned above are packaged in a small package.

The enterprise has two core productions:

-  Wood chemical production consisting of two workshops:         

  • rosin-turpentine workshop;
  • workshop of polymeric petroleum resins.     

 Tapping production

Mode of operation of wood chemical productionis three shifts. Type of technical process of the main types of products for technical and industrial purposes is continuous.

Mode of operation of tapping production is one shift.

Tapping production consists of three production sites for the preparation of gum:

  • Borisovsky (since 1998);
  • Slobodskoy (since 1999);
  • Ganzevichsky (since 2000).


  • workshop of raw material and finished products;
  • energy department;
  • technical control department;
  • central factory laboratory;
  • repair-mechanical workshop;
  • section of control and measuring devices & automatic equipment;
  • electricity site;
  • security service.

Policy of the enterprise in the field of production development is directed to exploring of the consumer demand for manufactured products, identifying the most marketable products; quality improvement, development of consumer properties, cost reduction of less marketable products that meet the modern requirements of the consumers, creation of competitive products on the basis of the existing traditional products.

The main strategy of the pursuing policy is, first of all, the creation of the product range, providing a more stable functioning of the enterprise within the conditions of the market economy. The main direction of scientific and industrial development of the company is the development of new kinds of products to provide rhythmic work of the enterprise throughout the year, liquidating the seasonal nature of production.

Registered number of employees at the enterprise as of January 01, 2017 was 535 people. 

At JSC “Lesohimik” piece - and time-based, piece-bonus-and time-plus-bonus systems of payment for labour are applied.